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Kara Sabi is for real homes that aren’t afraid to show the rough side of things.

wall planter

We bring beauty and warmth to your living spaces through one of a kind, handcrafted clay objects so you can feel good and positive about your surrounding everyday!

We believe there is beauty in everything, even in an old, chipped furniture as it reminds us of all the years and experiences it has lived. Unfortunately, our constant chase for perfection and conditioned benchmark of beauty has ruined our ability to see that as more than a flaw.  

brush mark

Through Kara Sabi, we ask you to unearth and embrace authenticity, celebrate craftsmanship and truly appreciate the unique beauty in the handmade.

Each piece that we make has a distinct character and soul and thus has a distinctive edge over standardised mass-produced items. It is unpretentious and tells a story similar to yours and mine – of impermanence and transience, the aesthetics being rooted in the Japanese concept called Wabi Sabi that finds beauty in the imperfect.

With Kara Sabi, you bring home richness and uniqueness, instead of mere pieces of utility. After all, in the end the things that transform a space into a home are these personal touches.

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