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Kritika Soni, ceramic artist, featuring wall art installation

Slow- made Ceramic Art

for Conscious Spaces

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One-of-a-kind handcrafted ceramic art, taking inspiration from the broken, rusted and imperfect things. Kara Sabi pieces are to be cherished for their inconsistencies and flaws, and thus asking the user to find beauty in their imperfections.


Let's Redefine Your Home's Soul!

Do you appreciate the rawness like I do?

If yes, this is your CUE. 

Home isn't just a place, it's where your heart finds belonging.

A medium that speaks to you.

A conversation starter.
Ultimately, a space feels more like home when thoughts and vibes flow freely. 


I create ceramic pieces not for the sake of ‘beautifying’ your room, but for their ability to transcend trends and surface narratives offering a depth unseen in mass-produced decor. 

Each installation is born from my intuition, designed to express your true self 

The messy, the perfect, the vulnerable side …

My ceramics don't just decorate your house, they complete it. 

Do you see possibilities in your home?

I would love to be a part.

Let's collaborate and make it happen!

As Featured In

Marks Splashes
Elle Decor magazine featuring Kara Sabi
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Kritika Soni, ceramic artist

Hello there, I'm the hands and the face behind Kara Sabi! Based in Delhi, India, I'm a full- time, self taught ceramist, holding a Master's degree in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Arts, London.

My journey into ceramics began during my MA studies, where I was mesmerised by the transformative potential of clay. Over time, this initial fascination blossomed into a full-fledged commitment to exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of traditional ceramic artistry.


Each piece I create is a reflection of my journey—a blend of beauty found in the nature, personal experiences, and artistic exploration.

Other than shaping clay into art,I find joy in practicing yoga, exploring new destinations through travel, and cherishing life's simple pleasures!



Marks Splashes
Marks Splashes

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